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Onitsuka Chihiro

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Onitsuka Chihiro
Birthday: October 30, 1980
Hometown: Miyazaki prefecture
Height: 154cm
Blood Type: O
Born in 1980 in the Miyazaki prefecture. In her high school days, she became so impressed by the band 'Jewels', that she started writing music herself. Triggered by the audition she passed before her graduation, she moved to Tokyo. After her move, she concentrated on making music.
In February of 2000, she debuted with her single 'Shine'. The 2nd single 'Gettkou' became such a big hit, it was added as the theme song for a TV drama. She soon released her single 'Cage' in November of the same year. Her single 'Memai / edge' was released in February of 2001 and her 1st album 'Imusomunia' was released in March. The album ranked 1st place on the Oricon chart.
After the album release, she held her first nationwide live tour 'CHIHIRO ONITSUKA LIVE TOUR 2001'. She participated in many rock festivals held in various places during the summer of 2001. Her simple but strong performance, containing only her voice and piano, hit many rock fans' heart strongly.
By the aggressiveness of her CD release, and her live performances, she shaped the 1st Nihon Budoukan Live in 2002. By the congested schedule she had to handle, she busted herself. She took a short intermission from the music business. By changing her record company and bureau, and by releasing her new single 'Sodatsu Zassou' in October of 2004, she needed another break.
After taking a rest, she started creating music once again. Produced by Kobayashi Takeshi, she started recording new material in 2006. At the beginning of 2007, she started recording another album, and participated in 'AP BANG! Tokyo Ecology Meeting' held in March. In May, she released her new single 'everyhome' from Universal Music A&M Records. She re-started her work legitimately holding a partnership management with the individual bureau NAPOLEON RECORDS and OORONG-SHA. Currently she is continuing to record her album.

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