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Part: Vocal, Chorus, Side-guitar

Part: Guitar, Chorus
Birthday: November 28
Blood Type: AB

Part: Bass, Chorus
Birthday: October 3
Blood Type: A

Part: Drums
Birthday: November 24
Blood Type: A
They are the no. 1 rock band in the Japanese music scene of four members; hyde, ken, tetsu, and yukihiro.
In 1991, L'Arc~en~Ciel was formed by tetsu (leader of the group) drawing the members together. Stronghold at Osaka, they gradually gained recognition from their live performances and participation of omnibus albums.
In 1993, they released their first album 'DUNE'. Though it was an Indies album, the album marked remarkable sales.
In the following year, they major debuted with 'Tierra'. Needless to say, even though there were a few member changes, the group swept up stardom before anybody.
The sound keyed by hard rock, positive punk, gothic, UK guitar rock, and beautiful but fragile lyrical world hyde makes out are assimilated to form a high dimensioned pop music. Their high-skilled play in Japan leads to their production of continual ingenious music.
Especially, the bass line played by tetsu's peculiar technique of using slides is the pillar of music creation.
Not being catered in the tide of time, they create artistic music with musical egos, which are soon recognized and awarded in the charts.

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