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Keiyuh (景夕)
Part: Vocal
Birthday: February 26
Blood Type: B

Part: Guitar
Birthday: February 18

Yuhra (結良)
Part: Bass
Birthday: August 12
Blood Type: A

Yasuno (靖乃)
Part: Drum
Birthday: November 4
Blood Type: AB
fancy & Marchen pop Rock
As the band been an entertainer, they has a theme for every release tour.
Each band member has a strong character and also has fun, surprise and fresh inspiration.
Fancy : imagination
Marchen: A fairy tale, an old tale, a children's story, a fantastic story 
Rock : something stimulate (Kra, describes that is a surprise and something un-excepted )

Kra widely plays the pop music to the rock music, with delicate atmosphere and picturs scene on a each songs. Vo. Keiyu has a wide range voice which may sounds like changes tone on each songs. Senses he got from playing piano since he was three years old, catchy melody he creates, and lyrics he writes has a story and sometimes it..s philosophical. Gu. Mai has song writing sense to pop and catchy melody and has guitar arrange sense. Ba. Yura plays bass without pick majority of the time to play "good sound" and writes pop to underground music. Dr. Yasuno supports the band and he plays his drums ( called OSHIRO-castle-) even emotionally.

After Mai had left the band due to health reasons in 2010, former ZORO guitarist Taizo joined the band and completed it once again, bringing new energy to well known Kra style!

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