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Imai, Hisashi (今井 寿)
Part: Guitar, Vocal
Birthday: October 21, 1965
Hometown: Fuijioka-shi, Gunma prefecture

Kiyoshi (きよし)
Part: Guitar, Vocal
Birthday: June 3, 1964
Hometown: Funabashi-shi, Chiba prefecture

OKAZAKI (おかざき)
Part: Drum, Manipulator, Vocal
Hometown: Hitachi-shi, Ibaragi prefecture
Imai Hisashi(Guitar,Vo)
He made his debut as the guitarist for BUCK-TICK in 1987.
He is the main composer for the sound of BUCK-TICK.
He formed SCHAFT with Fujii Maki (ex. SOFT BALLET) in 1991, and SCHWEIN with Raymond Watts (PIG), Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM) and Sakurai Atsushi (Vocalist of BUCK-TICK) in 2001.
He has participated in "SUMMER SONIC 03" with BUCK-TICK, and also joined the JAPAN TOUR of Marilyn Manson as a guest artist.

Through many experiences of amateur bands, he formed his band "media youth" and joined "Screaming Mad Geroge" as a guest artist, "ABSTRACTDAY" (Solo tour of SUGIZO(ex LUNASEA)), and \[PSYENCE A GO GO\] (Solo tour of "hide").
He also joined "MADBEAVERS" (with Chirolyn & Joe) and "machine" (with HAKUEI of PENICILLIN).

Okazaki Katsushige (Dr, Vo)
He made his debut as a drummer for "M-AGE" in 1992 and appeared on the Japanese music scene as the first digital rock band.
His music is avant-garde and combines techno & rock, like Jesus Jones.
After "M-AGE" broke up, he supported the band "Guniw Tools".
He has also formed the band "AGE of PUNK" with ASAKI (ex. Guniw Tools).
He is constantly active as an arranger and a rhythm programmer.

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