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Hamasaki Ayumi
浜崎 あゆみ / Ayumi Hamasaki (Vocals)
Born_1978-10-02 From_Fukuoka prefecture
Debuted in April of 1998 with the single "Poker face." Steadily rising up the ranks as a female vocalist with such hits as "TO BE" and "Boys & Girls," her first album "A Song for xx" became a million copy selling album. "Thinking from a third person perspective about my experiences and my friend's experiences, I want to continue writing lyrics being honest to my feelings." - her "real" lyrics that she writes herself are in no way always pleasant, but often contain lyrics that pain the heart or stab the soul. However it is these lyrics that capture the hearts of the females of her generation and has led to a greater role beyond that of an idol within the youth population - and going beyond music - has become a fashion trend setter and model for teenagers and currently a source of charisma for middle and highschool females.

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