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Hometown : Tokyo
Hobbies : Listening to Music, Painting
Skill : Volley Ball
Favorite Artist : Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer
Inspiring Artist : Cindi Lauper, Madonna, Whitney Houston
She has been singing since she was kid, and since then music has been one important part of her life. At 18, She debuted as a solo singer.

Afterwards, She joined as vocalist in Ram JamWorld led by Asamoto Hirofumi. Whilst working together with various artists, in 1998, she joined ,already established group, m-flo, and in July 1999 she re-debuted in first single of the record label "rhythm zone" with "The tripod e.p."

With beautiful melody lines that LISA created plus "Love and Positive" point of view type of lyrics, also with her sweet voice, she fascinated a lot of fans. The pieces that released afterwards were became big hits. As an m-flo member in two years they released; two Albums, 13 singles, two re-mixed albums and live album & video.

On January 9th 2002 her solo single "Move on" (ranked 7th on the ORICON weekly charts) was released and in April 2002, to deliver all her "power" as a person, artist, singer and song writer, she departed from m-flo. With her 2nd single "Babylon no kiseki" which released May 29th 2002, she seriously started her solo activities; aiming for further improvement.

On April 16th 2003, she released her first album "JUICY MUSIC" (ranked 5th at ORICON's weekly charts). At this point, she has released 12 singles, three albums, one cover album, and one mini album.

And on June 6th 2007, as a combination of her 14 year career, a best of album "LISABEST - mission on earth 9307-"was released. On this best album, her biography "mission on earth 9307" by Lily, which contains written version LISA's musical career, was specially recorded, and draw great enthusiastic response. And after her best album, she held her first one man live "LISA LIVE PREMIUM 2007 'THE GOD SISTA'" in 2007 at Shinsaibashi Club Quattro and at Shibya O-EAST, which brought a lot of fans into mass excitement.

And then "Brand New LISA", who went through a brand new stage, cast off her "Positive Power" to all people's hearts.

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