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Sukima Switch
大橋卓弥 / Takuya Ohashi (Vocal, Guitar, Harmonica)
Born_1978-05-09 From_Aichi ken, Tookai shi

常田真太郎 / Shintaro Tokita (Piano, Chorus, Organ, Other instruments and total sound treatment)
Born_1978-02-25 From_Aichi ken, Nagoya shi
A unit consisting of dual song writer combo of Takuya Ohashi and Shintaro Tokita.
Sukima Switch formed when Ohashi approached Tokita to do arrangement work on his own song.
Starting live performance activity in Shinjuku and Shibuya in 1999. In August of 2002, appeared on the substage at the AUGUSTA CAMP 2002 event held at the CHiba Marine Stadium. Their performance in front of 30,000 people was a huge success and through local channels their fan base increased. Their major debut was in July of 2003 with their first single "view".

The track caught heavy rotation on 30 radio stations nation wide, and their debut mini album released in September also showed strong sales considering they were a new comer to the music scene.
Their second single release "Kanade" in March of 2004 ranked in on the charts one month prior to its release, and entered the Oricon charts at 22. This song become a long selling ballad for the duo.
In June, their third single "Furete Mirai wo" and their first album "Natsugumo Noise" were released simultaneously. One year since their debut, their first album grabbed the number two spot on the Oricon albums chart, recording a hit album on their first attempt.
Their first one-man all-Japan tour "Natsugumo no Tabi ~Nihon Kouen~" tickets were completely sold out the day they went on sale. Their fourth single "Fuyu no Kuchibue" released during their tour also hit sixth on the Oricon single charts. This was their first top 10 ranking single release.

Their single "Zenryoku Shonen" released April 2005 hit third on the Oricon single charts, and their following release "Ame Machi Kaze" released in June also ranked seventh.
Their second album released in July "Kusou Clip" hit number one on the Oricon album charts.
Also appearing on the NHK TV Kohaku Utagassen, Sukima Switch closed the doors on 2005 on a grand stage.
Their first release of 2006 is the theme song to the new Doraemon animation movie "Doraemon to Nobita no Kyouryu 2006".
Encompassing a traditional essence that is not tied to Japanese of American styles of music, their dynamic melodies, lyrical worlds that boldly bring out hidden emotions, Ohashi's distinct vocals and the sound creation talents of Tokita - that is Sukima Switch - a neo traditional pops style that shakes the inner inner chords of all people.

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