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Vocal, Guitar
Real Name:Koji Ando
Birthplace:Ehime Pref.
Birthday:April 28th
Blood Type:A


Real Name:Kenichi Imai
Birthplace:Ehime Pref.
Birthday:May 21th
Blood Type:B


Real Name:Shingo Tamaki
Birthplace:Okinawa Pref.
Birthday:Aug 29th
Blood Type:A

They named their band "SEX MACHINEGUNS" after "SEX PISTOLS" implying that machineguns are more radical than pistols. Since 1996, they participated in various LIVE events and doubled the number of their audience. Their familiarity increased rapidly and established the record of 350 audiences for the first one-man stage. Energetic TOUR throughout the country was succeeded enough to be welcomed passionately wherever they visited, and the number of mobilized fans increased at an accelerating pace. Inquiries on the first LIVE CD and VIDEO released in spring 1997 rushed from all over the country and the first press of both was sold out at once.

Major Debut / 1998

1998 Apr. - Major Debut (Toshiba EMI). Tickets of LIVE TOUR in spring 1998 after the release of Debut Single \[HANABI ? la daikaiten\] shot a barrage of sold out in every region of the country. Many regular running sotries on SEX MACHINEGUNS serialized in several magazines and popularity of them continued to rocket up with extremely big forces. All of the tickets for LIVE "ON AIR EAST" at Shibuya in August were sold out on the sale day. 1998 Sep.-2nd SINGLE \[BURN - burn your fire of love -\] was released and won the Single Chart No.1 at TOWER RECORDS Shibuya. 1998 Oct.-Long-awaited 1st ALBUM \[SEX MACHINEGUN\]was released. 1998 fall-LIVE TOUR at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall, Akasaka BLITZ, Kawasaki CLUB CITTA', etc. continued to the following year from October. The number of LIVE performed within one year since debut accomplished as many as 62 times.

1999 - 2000

1999 Feb, 3rd SINGLE \[TEKKEN Ⅱ\] was released. 1999 Apr.-20 LIVE TOURS including extra LIVE at Shibuya Hall sold out in many sites of the whole country. 1999 Apr.-4th SINGLE \[ORANGE SONG / Illusion City\] and 8cm CD \[HEALTHY SET M\](free VIDEO attached only to the first edition) were released at the same time. 1999 Jul.―Uniquely enough to SEX MACHINEGUNS, new attempt was made: <BOYS ONLY> LIVE at Osaka MUSE HALL (400 audience) and Shibuya ON AIR WEST (600), <GIRLS ONLY> LIVE at Umeda HEAT BEAT (1,000) and Shibuya ON AIR EAST (1,200). Tickets for all of those LIVE were sold out on the sale day at every hall. 1999 Sep.-LIVE tickets sold out on the sale day at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA' 2DAYS. When it comes to Shibuya Hall 2DAYS, tickets were sold out with advanced booking prior to sale. Around the same period, Speed Star Sypan Joe, on Drums, left the group due to his aggravated lower back pain to everyone's great regret. 1999 Oct. -5th SINGLE \[ONIGUNSOW\] put on sale. 1999 Nov.-First LIVE TOUR of whole theater concert started with 2nd ALBUM \[MADE IN JAPAN\]. 2000 Jan.-On last day of TOUR at Nippon Budokan, tickets were sold out in 20minutes after sale. 2000 Apr.-<BOYS ONLY> 2DAYS and <GIRLS ONLY> 2DAYS at Korakuen Hall (Tokyo), BIG CAT (Osaka), Bottom Line (Nagoya) were all sold out on the sale day. 2000 May-6th SINGLE \[LOVE IS ALL OF MY LIFE\] was released. In the midst of 2 months TOUR, they appeared on TV music programs energetically. Taking this opportunity, SEX MACHINEGUNS gained nationwide celebrity and popularity. 2000 Jun.-VIDEO CLIP series \[VIDEO SEX\] released and it won ORICON CHARTS No.1 with its first appearance. 2000 Aug.-20 thousands fans gathered for Open-air Concert <Exposed in the fields> at Tokyo BIG SITE specially prepared stage. 2000 Sep.-Digest version of Open-air Concert \[EMERGENCY! Exposed in the fields\] was put on sale. 2000 Nov.-VHS, DVD of \[SM SHOW\] featuring BEST LIVE TAKE was released. 2000 Dec.-LIVE BAND, SEX MACHINEGUNS finished up the year 2000 with the annual event COUNT DOWN CONCERT <OLD YEAR & THE NEW YEAR, THE SNAKE METAL> at Tokyo BIG SITE.


2001 Jan.-7th SINGLE \[S.H.R.~SEXY HERO REVOLUTION\], MAXI SINGLE containing LIVE sound source in addition to recording sound source in studio. 2001 Mar.-ALBUM \[Barbe-Q Michael\] containing studio and LIVE TAKE sound sources put on sale. 2001 Apr.-Performed BIG LIVE HOUSE TOUR in three major cities including Osaka Castle Hall and Nippon Budokan 2DAYS. CIRCUIT.V.PANTHER, on Guitar, joined the band as a supporter. 2001 May-2001 CONCERT TOUR started and visited every region of the country from Hokkaido to Okinawa within 3 months. 2001 Aug.-8th SINGLE \[Good fishing!\] containing 4 songs released as MAXI SINGLE. 2001 Sep. 1st-Announced that CIRCUIT.V.PANTHER became an official member, and LIVE TOUR started. Aichiken Kinrokaikan 2DAYS, Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan 3DAYS, Shibuya Kokaido 3DAYS and <BOYS ONLY>1DAY per each site. They also performed <BOYS ONLY> LIVE in Sapporo and Fukuoka. LIVE ALBUM \[Burning Hammer\] which witnessed that LIVE BAND=SEX MACHINEGUNS, was released as 4th ALBUM.


2002 Jan.-9th SINGLE \[THERE YOU ARE\] put on sale. 2002 Feb.-VHS, DVD \[SM SHOW 2\] containing LIVE released and won ORICON VIDEO CHART NO.1 at the first appearance. 2002 Apr.-LIVE TOUR was held. 2002 May-10th SINGLE \[Reckless rider\] released. 2002 Aug.-11th SINGLE \[Social reform good vibration\] was released. Open-air concert \[Exposed in the fields~Long time no see\] 2DAYS was held. When <BOYS ONLY> LIVE was held at the end of August, many overflowed fans out of the Hall enjoyed LIVE vicariously by watching the large scaled monitor outside of the Hall. 2002 Dec.-2nd edition of VIDEO CLIP series \[VIDEO SEX 2\] was released. On New Year's Eve, the annual event COUNT DOWN CONCERT <OLD YEAR & THE NEW YEAR, SNAKE METAL ~ALWAYS OPEN~> was held at Tokyo Bay NK Hall.


2003 Feb.-3rd edition of LIVE picture series \[SM SHOW 3\] was released. 2003 Mar. 24-Declaration of disband by the 3rd stage SEX MACHINEGUNS gave great surprise to everyone in the music world. The group leader, ANCHANG who started and led the band, left the message: This is a forward-looking disband. I will keep the name "SEX MACHNEGUNS" for later use. We will come back again by all means. 2003 Jun.-Eagerly-awaited first best album \[MACHINEGUNS GET-TOGETHER\] was released. LAST LIVE TOUR "FINAL ATTACK" started and continued until "TOUR FINAL" in August. 2003 Aug.-During LAST TOUR, 6th ALBUM \[to the future tracks~Collection of Unreleased Songs\] was released. 2003 Aug. 12, 13-After the release of the above ALBUM, 2DAYS LIVE at Nippon Budokan which recorded 17,000 audiences became the TOUR FINAL and the LAST LIVE of "The 3rd Stage SEX MACHINEGUNS". 2003 Sep.-Album \[LIVE!! Final Attack at BUDOKAN\] featuring Final LIVE was released. 2003 Oct.-DVD \[SM SHOW FINAL\] containing FINAL LIVE was put on sale.


2003 Dec. 3-After "the 3rd stage SEX MACHINEGUNS" disbanded, ANCHANG released SINGLE \[OPEN YOUR HEAD! TEAR!\] in the name of "SEX MACHINEGUN"(the artist name as SOLO unit). 2003 Oct.1-\[OPEN YOUR HEAD! TEAR!\] appeared on TV animation \[This is the police box in front of Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward\] as its ending theme, and also adopted as the theme song for the theatrical movie version of the above TV animation \[This is the police box in front of Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward ? THE MOVIE 2\]. In this period, actively engaged in many regular programs on TV and Radio and also wrote serial articles for several magazines. 2004 Jan. 28-1st SOLO ALBUM \[the maintenance\] was released. Organized the band "THE MAINTENANCE" for live performance of solo music, and carried out 35 LIVE TOUR at 33 sites throughout the country.


2004 Apr.-About 9 months after the dissolution of "3rd stage SEX MACHINEGUNS", the member list of "4th stage SEX MACHINEGUNS" was made public. (1)ANCHANG, Leader, Guitar, Vocal (2)CIRCUIT.V.PANTHER, Guitar(remained from 3rd stage) (3)SPEED STAR SYPAN JOE, Drums, he left SEX MACHINEGUNS in 1999 due to his lower back pain. After medical treatment for on year, organized his own unit "DASEIN" and restarted his activity. He came back to SEX MACHINEGUNS as soon as DASEIN disbanded in January 2004. (4)SAMURAI.W.KENJILOW, Bass, Guitar, he was a member of cali-gali, well known as conspicuous band from the day of Indies. With these uniformly powerful members, the strongest and the fastest HEAVY METAL BAND in history just launched the new big challenge.


2006 May -"4th stage SEX MACHINEGUNS" stopped its activities, ANCHANG started his activity as his solo unit named "ANCHANG". 2007 Jan. 24th- \[Cobra Twist\] the first solo SINGLE as "ANCHANG" was released, and the solo ALBUM \[Memphis\] was released on Feb 21st. 2007 Mar.-LIVE TOUR <Mr. Cobra ~Under Training~> was held with great support members Miyawaki.JOE.Satoshi, NATCHIN, HONDA. After the "Training" was completed, ANCHANG felt a need of the band "SEX MACHINEGUNS". But the member was just ANCHANG only at that time. So he announced that he have advertised for people who wanted to be the new member of SEX MACHINEGUNS, and looking for the new ability and possibility. The time of restarting the activities of "SEX MACHINEGUNS" has come.

5th Stage SEX MACHINEGUNS started!

There were more than 200 responses to the announce from Anchang of recruiting new members of the 5th stage SEX MACHINEGUNS. Anchang participated from the first selection, he examined applicants by their sound source, performances, interview, and session. These selection were opened to the public on the website. The new members of each part were decided, they participated in a training camp as a final selection. Owing the new member of bass dropped out during a training camp, the 5th stage SEX MACHINEGUNS performed the first LIVE with other bass player as a support member. "SEX MACHINEGUNS" was repeated trial and error, and changing members, but its "METAL SPRITS" was never changed from the beginning. Audiences gave a big hand and encouragement to them. Anchang, Leader, said "The first LIVE was succeeded and I feel really relived. But we have to work harder from now on. The new stage has just started." We will not need a name "the 5th stage" SEX MACHINEGUNS. Cause the members who perform on the stage, are "SEX MACHINEGUNS" itself.

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