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My Little Lover
Akko (Chant)
Anniversaire: 10/01
Groupe sanguine: AB

Takeshi Kobayashi (Clavier)
Anniversaire : 07/06
Groupe sanguin : B
In means to write his own songs, Takeshi Kobayashi, who produced several bands such as Southern All Stars and Mr. Children, formed a unit of his own with Akko as the vocalist.
In '95, My Little Lover debuted with the single 'Man&Woman / My Painting'. Their 3rd single 'Hello,Again -Mukashi kara aru Basho-', and their 1st album 'evergreen' sold millions of copies. Their listeners rely on their musical skill.

After the album 'evergreen' was released, Kobayashi, who was the composer and producer of the band, joined as a member. They're music expressed many styles. For example, 'Alice' and 'Private eyes' had a strong experimental style, and the original song 'NOW AND THEN' had a re-constructed original sound.

After 2002, assimilating and keeping up two-sides of acoustic and digital music, they've developed a new type of pop, a more modern approach. They've developed a wider musical form.
By the end of 2003, they finished their first national tour, which became the big turning point of their activity. In 2004, 10 years has passed since their debut. In April, My Little Lover released their 10th Anniversary Single 'Kaze to Sora no Kirimu', and their 10th Anniversary Album 'Self Collection -15currents'.

In 2006, transferring to AVEX, vocalist Akko began her solo project to start fresh. My Little Lover's challenge at a Pop scene continues.

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