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Hitoto, Yo
一青 窈/Hitoto Yo
Birthday: 1976_09_20
Blood type: O
Height: 155cm
Hometown: father: Taiwan, mother: Japan
Language: Pekingese, English and Japanese
After finishing kindergarten in Taipei, her family moved to Japan where she was brought up. In Junior high school, she sang as part of a vocal group with 2 other vocalists and one pianist.
She graduated from Keio University. When she studied at the university, she belonged to the a cappella club and performed on the street.

Favorite things;
Music: David tao, Missy Elliott, Inoue Yosui, Rymester, Omokage Lucky Hall
Movie: Kayonenka, Yumeji, Lockstock&Two Smoking Barrels, La fille Sur le pont, Girl interrupted, TOPIO STIN OMICHLI, Fantastic Planet
Art: James turrell, Milton Glaser, Terayama Shuji
Photographer: Nick Knight, Ueda Shoji, Hosoe Eikoh, Suda Isssei
Poet: Takahashi Junko, Homura Hiroshi, Kaneko Misuzu, Sato Yumio
Cartoonist: Kamimura Kazuo, Okazaki Kyoko
Architecture: Geoffrey Bawa, MVRDV, Friedensreich Hundert Wasser
Food: douhua, eriobotryae folium, pearl milk tea

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