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Prog/Bass : Nakano Masayuki(中野雅之)

Vocal/Guitar : Kawashima Michiyuki(川島道行)
Electronic/Rock unit BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, formed by bassist/programmer Masayuki Nakano and guitarist/vocalist Michiyuki Kawashima, first broke in Europe in 1997. They absorbed both electronic and rock elements to create a completely new and unknown sound, which at the same time has contributed to boost their profile as one of the most distinguished music producers in Japan.

Their first release, a 12" single, was made in Europe in 1997. It triggered rave reviews from definitive European music magazines such as Melody Maker, who compared their debut impact to those of the Chemical Brothers' and Prodigy's. In the following year of 1998, the band traveled across Europe performing at 6 major rock festivals and accompanying a European tour with the legendary electronica unit, Underworld. Right after their triumphant return to Japan, the band dropped the first album "OUTLOUD", which later was released in Europe and the USA as well.

The band subsequently embarked on a tour with Moby for his 3-month national tour. Shortly afterwards, they began receiving - and still keep receiving - requests for remix work from various artists such as Garbage, Josh Wink, and to many to name. This proved that their sound could be acclaimed and accepted internationally.

Their success was followed by releases of the albums "UMBRA" (2001) and "PHOTON" (2002). It was also around this time when the band started performances at various festivals including the Japan's largest, the Fuji Rock Festival. Their originality showed in the blend as philosophical lyrics, untamed physical rave experiences, the roughness of rock'n'roll, and the meticulousness of electronic programming, their performances always generated overwhelming energy with a spiritual atmosphere.

This exquisite blend of things - the things which are seemingly opposite each other - is definitely a part of reasons why BOOM BOOM SATELLITES keeps receiving appraisal from various kinds of creators. Oliver Stone and Luc Besson, who had chosen the band's track to use in the film 'Yamakashi', were indeed one of them.

The band was privileged with another opportunity to coordinate a soundtrack album to the fully animated film "APPLESEED" in 2004 (original story by Masamune Shiro). With the artists such as Paul Oakenfold, Basement Jaxx, and Ryuichi Sakamoto on board, BOOM BOOM SATELLITES contributed four new songs including the movie's main theme, "Dive For You", to the soundtrack.

In 2005, their 4th album "FULL OF ELEVATING PLEASURES" was released in Japan, and the release was executed in the USA in the year next as well. They performed at M3 music convention (Miami Music Multimedia) to further promote the album, and the reaction from the audience and media to the performance was extraordinary.

In 2006, they released the album, "ON". Two songs from the album - "KICK IT OUT" and "PILL" - were featured in Japanese TV commercials aired nationwide to further raise the artist's profile. It resulted in their stage performance at festivals, such as Rock In Japan Festival and Summer Sonic 06. Their stage attracted huge crowds of people - it was indeed more than the venue's capacity - and the entrance of attendees was barred halfway of the performance for the safety reasons. This only brought made the fans more excited!

In 2007, their album "EXPOSED" was released in much anticipation. The lead track "Easy Action" was again featured in the new animation film series, "Vexille" (directed by Fumihiko Sori), and was included in the soundtrack. It was a compilation of the artists like Asian Dub Foundation, Underworld, and The Prodigy. A 12" vinyl of this track was released in Europe, and the album itself was released in Australia in 2008.

The latest album has been produced through the long-standing rebellion of the band to the world that tends to appreciate music genre-by-genre; namely, Rock or Dance. However, they have a clear answer in this album - Rock AND Dance, both can exist at the same time and place. Within this 42-minute size album, their struggle for music continues to resonate, and it has become unveiling of a new chapter in the history of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES once again.

Written by Jessie Cohen, MJP English world team member

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