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Nakajima Takui
DATE OF BIRTH: 1978.10.19
After performing as part of a band, he made his solo debut in 1999. His songs combine sophisticated melodies with straightforward rock 'n' roll. Right from his debut, his unique style has garnered lots of attention. His tremendous vocal skills and versatile songwriting have created quite a buzz as well.
In 2006 he changed his artist name to his real name Nakajima Takui [from TAKUI] and released an album that emphasized his singing. It showed how Takui was skilled at a wide variety of music styles.
He has since released a steady stream of songs while further evolving as a singer and strengthening his superb songwriting skills and knack of pop music.
In 2009 Takui celebrated his 10th anniversary by releasing a total of 3 albums. One was the greatest hits album 'TAKUI NAKAJIMA Anniversary 1999-2008 BEST YOURS' and the others were 'ULTRA SLACKER' and 'ULTRA SLACKER II'.

In 2010 he will make a fresh start on his 11th year as an artist with the single '明日への階段 / Asu e no Kaidan'. He has not released a single for quite some time.

From October 2010 Takui will appear in the Japan version of the Broadway musical 'RENT' as 'Angel'. It will be the first time for him to participate in a stage production, and that has already started to cause excitement.

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