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TAKA (Vocal)
Birth Date: 04/15
Blod Type: O

MASATO (Guitar)
Birth Date: 12/26
Blod Type: A

RYO (Bass)
Birth Date: 07/25
Blod Type: A

MASAKI (Drums)
Birth Date: 04/25
Blod Type: O
With their former activities as TRANSTIC NERVE and the Underneath, "defspiral" began their activities with the release of their first single "DIVE INTO THE MIRROR" on May 1st 2010 as a new band. With a wide range of music they are vigorously active in both, live performance and record production.

In 2011 defspiral performed as part of the ROCK musical "Pink Spider", created with its base being hide songs, further broadening their repertoire.

The first album released "PROGRESS" has been release in October 2011, followed by their tribute single "Reply -tribute to hide-", which earned great attention from Visual-kei fans all over the world.

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