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Name: JUN
Part: Vocal / Guitar
CLOUD is a new label established by MAVERICK DC GROUP to discover and bring up new artists with the concept of "From Japan to the whole world." CLOUD proudly presented SPIV STATES as their very first artist! Vocalist and guitarist JUN composes music and writes lyrics for all of the songs. SPIV STATES' catchy pop melody expressed in a contrasting ROCK style has impressed not only the V-ROCK fans, but also a wide range of music fans all over the world!

- 2004: participated as a guitarist in an Indies visual band "Phantasmagoria"
- 2007: started his solo activities as a vocalist/guitarist
- 05/02/2008: participated in hide's 10th "hide memorial summit' as part of Phantasmagoria
- 08/2008: participated as a guitarist in "TOSHI with T-EARTH" ZEPP Tour by TOSHI from X JAPAN
- 11/2009: started "SPIV STATES" as a guest-player-participation band
- 04/2010: spiv states contracted with CLOUD
- 07/2011 pursues 'the true sound of SPIV STATES' with the new mini album "Futari no Hoshi"

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