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Duel Jewel
In April of 2002, Hayato, Shun, Yuuya, Natsuki and Baru formed the band Duel Jewel. Soon after their formation, the group advanced to America, they became the first Visual band to cross overseas. Through their first 3 years, the group held 7 performances, all ending successfully.
In 2005, Duel Jewel began to perform live shows vigorously in Japan. They headlined the LIQUID ROOM in Ebisu in April 2006. During the summer, they carried out a national LIVE TOUR in 28 different places throughout Japan featuring their newest single 'azure'. Duel Jewel's aggressive focus continues.

[Inner world of man's emotional world]
Literal translation of Duel Jewel means 'Collision of the Jewel', which comes from the feeling that 'the impact of man's personality, characteristics, music will make the brightest music above all.'
The world of Duel Jewel is made up by the concept of the 'Collision of the Jewel', and the music/words that express man's emotions realistically.

Hayato (隼人)
Part: Vocal / Birthday: December 29 / Blood Type: B
Part: Guitar / Birthday: February 3 / Blood Type: O
Yuuya (祐弥)
Part: Guitar / Birthday: April 29 / Blood Type: A
Part: Bass / Birthday: September 11 / Blood Type: B
Bal (ばる)
Part: Drums / Birthday: February 4 / Blood Type: A

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