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D.I.D. are the successors of the previous band "Para:noir", aiming even higher with Akane (Vo.), Satoshi (Gu.), Tohma (Gu.), Sho (Ba.) and Takashi (Dr.) in their line-up.

More than originally they are pursuing deeper elements of emo / screamo with metal sounds and electronic elements in their new style. D.I.D. are a band centering around the "Words" produced by vocalist Akane in their sharp evolution.

-- Akane
Part: Vocal
Birthday: 10/14
Blood Type: O

-- Satoshi
Part: Guitar
Birthday: 11/10
Blood Type: B

-- Tohma
Part: Guitar
Birthday: 08/18
Blood Type: B

-- Sho
Part: Bass
Birthday: 06/22
Blood Type: unknown

-- Takashi
Part: Drums
Birthday: 08/20
Blood Type: O

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