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maya Vocal
Aiji Guitar
New century model Happy Electric Rock!!

LM.C set a goal for their music : To send messages for a peaceful world to the hearts of their fans and to their audiences.
With wonderful, creative and mystic lyrics created by vocalist Maya, combined with the talented sounds of Aiji's guitar they create musically diverse and catchy pieces that leave a lasting impression on all who hear them. Their diverse sound has been described as "Mixture Rock, Digital Rock" other similar titles in the past, and those seem to capture the vibe of their music best.

LM.C was founded first by Maya, who served as a guitarist in artist Miyavi's support band "Ishihara Gundan," as well a guitarist for his own band "The Sinners." Maya and other support members first played shows as LM.C while continuing to be apart of Miyavi's support band-LM.C was later joined by Aiji of Pierrot.

After Pierrot disbanded and Maya left Ishihara Gundan, LM.C made their major debut on October 4th, 2006 with the simultaneous release of two singles "Trailers \[Gold\]" and "Trailers \[Silver\]"; Soon after on October 16th, they held a "Release Party 60min" in Shibuya O - East. In November they went on to perform their first four cities, in club Quattro tours.

As 2007 began, the date being January 31st, 2007, the group came out with their third single "OH MY JULIET." which was then used as the second ending theme for the Red Garden anime. Following this on March 7th, LM.C released their first EP "GLITTER LOUD BOX".

"BOYS & GIRLS" followed as LM.C's fourth single, released on May 23rd, 2007, and was used as the second opening theme for the anime REBORN!.

Their fifth single, "LIAR LIAR/Sentimental PIGgy Romance", saw release on the 10th of October, 2007, with their sixth single, "Bell the CAT", being released December 12th of the same year.

On February 20th, in the winter of 2008, LM.C released their sixth single "JOHN", following a season later with the summer release of "88" on June 4th, 2008. This single was the second single used as the opening theme for the anime REBORN!.

LM.C then debuted in North America, performing first at Anime Expo's "Battle of the Bands" on July 3rd, 2008. A concert at the Crash Mansion in Los Angeles, California following this one, on July 5th.

Another July performance, LM.C performed their first hall concert at 'C.C. Lemon Hall' in Shibuya, Japan; tickets to this show selling out within two minutes of going on sale. Finishing their July performances, LM.C was invited to perform at the "FORMOZ festival" in Taiwan; serving as a main act for the second consecutive year.

November 5th, 2008 ushered in the simultaneous release of LM.C's first album "SUPER GLITTER LOUD BOX" and their second album "GIMMICAL☆IMPACT!!". Both of these albums were released worldwide; along with online availability on many main music downloading stores (release dates differing according to country).

LM.C departed for their first world tour, titled "LM.C TOUR '08-'09", on November 16th, 2008. The tour, included performances in South America, Europe, and Asia and their stops ended with total of 34 shows in 12 countries.

In the next year 2009, on May 5th, LM.C released their single "Punky❤Heart", following six months later on November 4th, with another single, entitled "Ghost†Heart".

On May 29, 2009, LM.C was scheduled to appear at the Texas anime convention, A-Kon, but canceled due to threats of Swine Flu. Not only was their A-Kon appearance canceled, but all overseas tours by Pony Canyon artists were canceled also.

Their first release of 2010 happened on the 3rd of March, with their third full album "WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC".

In 2010, LM.C flew to North America as special guests of honor for California's FanimeCon where they took part in 'MusicFest' on May 30th. They also held a Q & A panel and signing session the following day.

This California appearance was part of LM.C's second live tour entitled "LM.C LIVE TOUR 2010". This tour included stops in eight countries, a few being Germany, France, Italy and Russia, as well as performances in Japan and Thailand.

Written by MiMi, MJP world team member

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