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"machine" is the strong rock band that vocalist HAKUEI of "PENICILLIN" and super guitarist Kiyoshi of "hide with Spread Beaver" started in 1999. Both groups have established over a million CD sales. They are the aim of the young musician, and their popularity remains high as legendary artists.

Twenty thousand fans gathered for Nippon Budokan Live in 1999. Tickets became sold out upon release. They intoxicated many fans and developed a national tour. After having announced their album "salvation D -9" in January of 2002, they discontinued their activity as a band. Many fans, along with people concerned with music, anticipate the return of this famous talent.

HAKUEI and Kiyoshi continue being active in their own groups. HAKUEI wrestles with not only his career as a movie producer, as the vocalist of PENICILLIN but also the business of managing his own music. In addition, he has appeared on the cover of many magazines, "stylish & community lock magazine", and a special feature of 20 pages about him. Kiyoshi's album "ROCKAROLLICA" which he released as part of the project "Lucy" with guitarist Hisashi Imai of BUCK - TICK, entered the 16th place during its initial appearance on the Orikon charts. The popularity of the album is yet to be measured.

They decided that machine would resume again; "the music of one's-self is possible in machine", they hope to reproduce the full-scale lock scene represented in Japan.

The first grade members participated in the music supporting machine.
In its vocals and through its powerful sound, machine resumes its activity as a matchless rock group.

The Live Revival of machine was held in Shibuya O-East for their initial comeback appearance on August 26, 2004.
1,300 tickets sold out. Their popularity, they've concluded, is still high. In addition, they performed live as a formal opening of a new theater performance of Yokohama BLITZ on November 21. Their live DVD followed soon after, with it's release in December. They released their first single CD "RED SUNDANCE" on the 25th. The CD established the world of a new machine. The album "superb" was released on April 27, 2005. They embarked on the "machine tour '05 LOUD ON SUPERB" which went to eight places nationwide, starting in Sendai on June 10th.

They plan to continue performing live shows and the release of their CD is available in Korea and in other parts of Asia.

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