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Base de Données Artistes

-Member Profile-

[KODAMAX (vo) Birthday 26/Apr. Type AB blood]
was born in MAX planet (Akita area)
All music & words were written and arranged by KODAMAX. He is a dynamic vocalist.
His talent is not only this band, he donates his music for other musicians.
He also arranges and creates various types of music.
His mother, who has blond hair, runs a barbershop.
30% of her customers request men's permanent tight curls.

Works: TOKIO's single "Get Your Dream" c/w "Parasitic Plants" arranged (21/Jun/2006)
Takky&Tubasa's album "Love Lucy" arranged (15/Nov/2006)

[Shouichi Matushima (G) Birthday 15/May. Type AB blood]
was born in MAX planet (Yokohama area)
The nihilistic guitarist who wears glasses and handles a Fender guitar freely.
He has a good reputation in the certainty of the performance in this band.
His parents' house is an optical shop.(Shop Matushima in Yokohama)

[Tuzawa "Takkun" Takashi (B) Birthday 26/Mar. Type A blood]
was born in MAX planet (Akita area)
When he was a high school student, he met KODAMAX.
Since junior high, he has played the trombone in a local jazz club.
He converted to the bass after having gone to Tokyo.
He joined in Yuka Kamebuchi & THE VOICES OF JAPAN tour.
He co-starred with Little Tempo on BREATH MARK REC & tour.
And he joined in REC of "Love Lucy"(Takky&Tubasa)

[Fujikura "Owner" Takahiro (tp) Birthday 23/Oct. Type AB blood]
was born in MAX planet (Tochibi area)
graduated from Musashino Academy of Music.
Afterwards he became active in the band of a famous amusement park while doing band activity.
He also has experience of the lecturer in ESP.
He joined in "Nishiazabu Densetsu""Summer Time"(MINMI),"Love Lucy"(Takky&Tubasa)REC as a trumpeter.
The parents' house runs a fish shop and a bar.

[MAK@BOO (sax) Birthday 15/Jun. Type A blood]
was born in MAX planet (Akita area)
She is the only woman in this band.
She is the idol called "misunderstanding Madonna".
She diets every day to wear sexy clothes.
She joined in Merry Hibiya Yagai Ongaku-does live performances as a support saxophone player.
She joined in "Love Lucy" as an alto saxophone player.
-Band Profile-
KODAMAX(vo) wears flashy outfits. He looks like a fancy guy sometimes.
He is a very dynamic singer who can sing not only Soul but R&B and Funk as well.
His danceable and comical performance fascinates everyone at his live performances.
When he finished with his performance, everyone always asks "Who is he?" "What's this?" "I've never seen this before!".
In this time when various music overwhelms the audience, it's a rare sight.
His live performances are a great experience for any music lover.


Feb: "KODAMA CENTRAL STATION" started from KODAMA YUTAKA solo work.
They work on live performances around Tokyo.
Their original stage and his powerful vocal become the topic of conversation, enlarging their place of activity slowly.

Mar: They offer a musical piece to the movie "Murder File".
Jun: 1,000 copies of their first album "3rd senorita"-limited release was sold out!
Aug: First radio program "Star No Nichijyo" started on an internet radio station.
Oct: Active officially from October 9 as a "KODAMA CENTRAL STATION" band.
The monthly live broadcasting that was "Red shoes" of Minami Aoyama became famous because
a musician gathering was decided.
"3rd senorita" was released on-line for mobile phone download.
Dec: DVD"Mushi Fight WORLD GP 2005" was written by Kogure Yuu and was released on 25/Dec.
Started rental on 1/Jan as well.

Apr: Drunuts Goto Shinsuke joined "KODAMA CENTRAL STATION" as official member.
Jun: KODAMAX gave a musical piece to TOKIO.
"Get Your Dream" was released on 21/Jun.
"Plasitic Plants" music&word by KODAMAX.
Oct: "Drunuts Goto Shinsuke" withdrew.
Nov: KODAMAX arranged "Love Lucy"(Takky&Tubasa)
Dec: Performed one-man live "KODAMA Night fever"@Shibuya Club ASIA. 300 mobilization!

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