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Sakurai Atsushi (櫻井敦司)
Birthday: March 7, 1966
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Fujioka, Gunma prefecture
Hobby: To read a book, drive, play with cat

Imai Hisashi (今井寿)
Birthday: October 21, 1965
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Fujioka, Gunma prefecture
Hobby: Nothing, right now.

Hoshino Hidehiko (星野英彦)
Birthday: June 16, 1966
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Fujioka, Gunma prefecture
Hobby: Snowboarding

Higuchi Yutaka (樋口豊)
Birthday: January 24, 1967
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Takasaki, Gunma prefecture
Hobby: To look after Hanshin (a baseball team)

Yagami Toll (ヤガミ・トール)
Birthday: August 19, 1962
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Takasaki, Gunma prefecture
Hobby: Playing drums
BUCK-TICK started their work with original band members since the mid 80s; period of time when Japanese-Rock sky-rocketed. It is the one and only vigorous rock band that reigns at the top of rock-world.

BUCK-TICK continuously feeds a strong influence to other artist in progress. They accomplished their major-debut in 1987, causing the 'BUCK-TICK phenomenon'. The 3rd album they released in 1989, 'TABOO', marked 1st place on the chart, making them part of one of the top-artists in the industry.

Afterward, while delving unique pop-sense and darkish world-view, they continually took radical factors with their music; such as break beats, drum and bass, and electronic. They incessantly keep evolving up-to-date with generations, but nonetheless, with BUCK-TICK's originality. Also, they keep developing thrilling works with full impact, such as participating in events held in South Korea, holding various collaboration live tours, participating in Summer Sonic, and co-staring with Marilyn Manson.

The album released on April 2005, 'Juusannkai ha Gekkou', was the first concept-album with the theme of Goth. The piece itself and the conceptual national tour they held after the release were praised all around. Also, at the end of 2005, they released their first tribute album, 'PARADE -RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK-'.

On 2006, they released a new single 'Kagerou' (The ending theme of national network TV animation '***HOLiC', broadcasted by TBS.).

On June 6, 2007, they released the single 'RENDEZVOUS', followed by the release of 'Alice in Wonder Underground', on August 8th. BUCK-TICK also held a new rock event 'BUCK-TICK FEST 2007-ON PARADE' on September 8th, which was their 20 years debut-anniversary.

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